Thursday, February 17, 2011

1001 Reasons, Part Three

Yes, this is early. But I suppose there’s nothing wrong with being extra grateful. :)

43. My mom took E for a few hours so that I could get some peace to write. (It’s funny that every time I’m blogging, I’m grateful for someone taking E for a little while. There’s certainly a logic to that, isn’t there? I promise that I really truly enjoy my baby’s company, though. Which leads me to my next point.)
44. I was holding E trying to get him to sleep a few hours ago, and it wasn’t working, so I gave up and nibbled on his toes instead. I love his laugh!
45. “Knowledge is past; wisdom is future.” I don’t know who said that, unfortunately. (Who’d have expected the word ‘unfortunately’ to pop up in a blog about thankfulness?)
46. The first two pages of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events #1: The Bad Beginning. (That’s all I’ve read so far, but I have chuckled at least four times already.)
47 and 48. My friend R, whose baby due a few days after E’s birthday (which is cool in itself!), is getting totally fat!
49. Christmas lights.
50. A 16-oz decaf caramel hazelnut latte. (Yes, okay, I’m one of those high-maintenance girls with a Drink whose name is long enough to be published, if only it were more interesting to read.)
51. Psalm 104.
52. Ireland.
53. High chairs in restaurants.
54. Birthdays.
55. Swimming.
56. Valentine’s Day (especially when it means K giving me a dark chocolate candy bar!)
57. The time A woke me up for no reason except to call me “his lovely girl.”
58. Choosing love.
59. Tie-dye.
60. Freckles.
61. My short story, which, despite being extremely uncooperative right now, has a lot of promise.
62. Experimenting.
63. People understanding why it is that I think some months are cool, and some months are not. (Cool: January. November. October. July. Not: April and May. Why? I dunno.)
63. Rain. Not torrential rain, but this sweet, soft, polite rain.

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