Thursday, February 17, 2011

1001 Reasons, Part Three

Yes, this is early. But I suppose there’s nothing wrong with being extra grateful. :)

43. My mom took E for a few hours so that I could get some peace to write. (It’s funny that every time I’m blogging, I’m grateful for someone taking E for a little while. There’s certainly a logic to that, isn’t there? I promise that I really truly enjoy my baby’s company, though. Which leads me to my next point.)
44. I was holding E trying to get him to sleep a few hours ago, and it wasn’t working, so I gave up and nibbled on his toes instead. I love his laugh!
45. “Knowledge is past; wisdom is future.” I don’t know who said that, unfortunately. (Who’d have expected the word ‘unfortunately’ to pop up in a blog about thankfulness?)
46. The first two pages of Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events #1: The Bad Beginning. (That’s all I’ve read so far, but I have chuckled at least four times already.)
47 and 48. My friend R, whose baby due a few days after E’s birthday (which is cool in itself!), is getting totally fat!
49. Christmas lights.
50. A 16-oz decaf caramel hazelnut latte. (Yes, okay, I’m one of those high-maintenance girls with a Drink whose name is long enough to be published, if only it were more interesting to read.)
51. Psalm 104.
52. Ireland.
53. High chairs in restaurants.
54. Birthdays.
55. Swimming.
56. Valentine’s Day (especially when it means K giving me a dark chocolate candy bar!)
57. The time A woke me up for no reason except to call me “his lovely girl.”
58. Choosing love.
59. Tie-dye.
60. Freckles.
61. My short story, which, despite being extremely uncooperative right now, has a lot of promise.
62. Experimenting.
63. People understanding why it is that I think some months are cool, and some months are not. (Cool: January. November. October. July. Not: April and May. Why? I dunno.)
63. Rain. Not torrential rain, but this sweet, soft, polite rain.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

1001 Reasons, Part Two

14. So my mom agreed to let us move in with her. It's kinda rough, 'cause really, who actually wants to live with your parents when you're 22, married, and have a kid? I also don't really want to share a room with my son. All the same - I have an awesome mom for being cool with this, and honestly our new room is cute. :) And we're gonna save so much money! Our stupid Visa will be gone, and then we can pay off my stupid car!!
15. A brought me home a coffee when he went to town just now.
16. Oh, and he also took Baby E with him, which was really nice since my neck was killing me.
17. At 7 tonight, Enchanted is gonna be on Disney channel, and K (my stepsister) and I are totally gonna watch it together and be all girly.
18. Macaroni and cheese.
19. Kenke! Which, since I'm sure you don't know, is a Ghanaian fermented cornmeal food ... I can't exactly describe it, but I can tell you that we've got some in the house right now and it actually came from Ghana and holy cow it is so delicious!
20. When a good short story just comes pouring out of me, like today. I wrote for a couple of hours.
21. Coffey Anderson. Look him up. For reals.
22. Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand. Look it up. For reals.
23. Wooden toy blocks. Totally entertains my kid for an hour.
24. This quote from Ede Clarke, who is sort of one of my big-time heroes: "When the harvest is over, you have to start again." She said that last night and it really hit home.
25. My super-pretty PartyLite mosaic hurricane. I know you don't care, and I don't blame you. But I care, and it's pretty awesome.
26. Yay Tim got the pastor job! I mean, no one really doubted that, but this is sort of a dream for him.
27. Dude! Sanctus Real is coming to the Bay! They're gonna be in Hauser on the 19th ... woot woot much??
28. I made several vendor contacts at the Bridal Faire on Saturday, and a couple of them were really promising. I had already worked with one of them, and I think that will be the beginning of a lot of working together ...
29. Check it out. For reals.
30. My calla lilies that my grandma gave me before she died.
31. My pretty ring that my grandma gave me before she died.
32. My pretty ring that A gave me when we got hitched.
33. My kindle. I think that's already on this list. In Part One. I don't care. :)
34. This list! Thanks for the idea, Nickie!
35. Money.
(Okay, that sounds totally blasphemous. But, you know what? Money is a gift from God. It just plain old is.)
36. C.S. Lewis.
37. I dunno if you watched Lost, and yes, the connection here is that there was a character in this show named after C.S. Lewis ... but oh well, this video is funny.
38. Oh, and also this one, if you've seen Inception:
39. <-- I wrote that!
40. Pandemic. The game.
41. Lurve.
42. Jesus. (Get it? Get it? Cause 42 is the meaning of life!)